The Profile of Maria Ozawa (Miyabi)-Bonus : Mochizuki Mayu & Yua Aida

February 25, 2007 at 11:21 am (Hiburan)

Who doesn’t know about Maria Ozama –or wellknown as Miyabi ??Yes, it’ true, almost all man in this country know her deeply. Miyabi is a Japanese Porn Star who made her debut in AV recently (maybe just about 2 years ago). So, Is there anything special with a porn star ?? Firstly, I thought that she’s just the same like other porn star. So, I didn’t interest to watch her in action yet, until suddenly, she made a move. She became the most popular girl in this country, did she ?Yup, I know her after all that circumstances. I ensure you that nobody-especially adult- reject to keep their eyes on watching her in action. I like her screaming, her moves, her groaning, especially when she “make” it…You know, she is a professional pornstar. She can finish manything styles in sex, ex: doggy style, 69, 96, yawning position,etc. Just imagine, she can do alot of style !!Urgghh, doesn’t it wonderful?? You’ll never bored while watching her. O shit, she is beyond my imagination. Ugh, seems over ? Not really, it’s just an anology to define how famous she is now.

Miyabi (I’ll call her MO later), was born in Hokkaido, Japan, in January 8, 1986. Wow, She is so young, right ? She is also a half Japanese and half French-Canadian. Wait a minute, I guarantee you to know about her first career. Ok, let’s see… She started modeling for the site, which resulted in several sets of photographs and two hardcore gonzo videos. She was then signed by the S1 AV company, premiering for them in October of 2005 with the video ‘New Face’. S1 has subsequently released one original MO video per month. She has also been featured in several S1 compilation videos including the company’s entry in the 2006 AV Open, a competition between Japanese pornographic studios whose aim is to see which studio can produce the highest selling video. The compilation video featuring Maria Ozawa, among others, won first place. She has done several photo-books and glamour (“gravure”) videos that feature her in the nude, but not performing sexual acts. She that has measurements 34-23-32 (O shit, what a big tit is that ??^_^) is one of the most looking girl in porn business. It caused by her acting….Goddamn, I said, It’s very impressive, ahh, I lost my words…In other word, MO has done all her action with great sexual desire. It makes her fans feel fly to the sky. Of course, her action will make her devotees exhausted too, coz I thought that usually, after watching her movies, they will do some action by thyself or by their hands ??? (shaking2 lah bro ^_^).

Ok guys, now I’ll show you a few of her debut….just take a look for a while….

Hardcore !

(New Face – Number One Style)

(Beautiful Sex)

(Temptation Erotic Fuck)

(Barely There Mosaic)

(Sex on the Beach – Southern Island Sex!)

(6 Costume Sex!)

(Lewd Flesh)

(Let’s Do It At School )

(W Barely There Mosaic) – Collaborated with Manami Amamiya

(Endless Bang 5)

(Hyper – Barely There Mosaic)

(Barely There Mosaic – 6 Performances)

(The Main Purpose of Special Delusional Bathhouse)

(S1 Dream Collection – Super S-class Idols 4 Hours!)

(Promiscuous Bang 16)

(Share a 24 Hours Full of Sex with Maria!)

(Obscene Nymphomaniac 5)

COLLECTION1 (Maria Ozawa Collection 1)

(Hyper X – Barely There Mosaic)

(Aerial Bang on Civil Aviation – Maria Ozawa)

(S1 Dream Collection – 2nd Anniversary Commemoration Special Ver. – Super S Class Idols 8 Hours!)


Gravure !!

Naked Venus

Beautiful Sex


O shit, until now, I’d just watched few of them. Unluckily, I don’t know what the title, coz I just got it from the nearest Internet Cafe. So, In that file, just written “miyabi’ or “other f**king useless words” T_T. But, one of movies that I ever watched is Sex on The Beach, I sure about that coz I knew the title from the background of her movie (of course at beach). Damn, I wish more babes….

Notes : Do you have some ?? offer me now, contact me…plis…I’m addicted ^_^ !


I have some links that provided Miyabi’s free movie, just take a look (Free Movie Download)

Miyabi New Download Link (Pako-Pako Aviation Hippies) (Free Sex Movie) :


Bonus : Free Miyabi Movie at MegaUpload :

miyabi part 1 –
miyabi part 2 –
miyabi part 3 –
miyabi part 4 –
miyabi part 5 –
miyabi part 6 –
miyabi part 7 –
miyabi part 8 –
Miyabi part 9 –
Miyabi part 10 –
Miyabi part 11 –
(Free Miyabi movie)

Bonus :

Mochizuki Mayu


Petunjuk ekstract file : Setelah semua file kalian download, masukkan semuanya dalam 1 folder, dan klik part 1, file akan terextract secara otomatis.

Bonus :

Yua Aida Free Movie Download


curved-lines beauty


midnight erotic moon



yua aida : extremely_thin_mosaic_01

yua aida : extremely_thin_mosaic_02

Source : wikipedia, etc

~Just try to make an English article~

~Broken Hearted,February 24 2007, 14:04~

~Miyabi or Die !!! Miyabi !!! (loh ??)~

~Pantes Indonesia ambyar, lha pake produk luar, coba ada orang Indo yg bisa kyk Miyabi, kan jadinya bakal cinta produk dalam negeri..heuheuehue ^_^~

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  1. manda said,

    hoi ngambil tulisan dari mana neh? kok gak ada sumbernya.. 😐

  2. diditjogja said,

    apal benged deh keknya kamu!!
    ambil darimana neeh inponya?!

  3. yesalover said,

    Loh, kan dah taktulis..dari wikipedia, dll

  4. dhie said,

    bagus jg tuh link nya…
    bisa nambah satu lagi ?
    klo bs tambah link yg temptation f**k part 1 – 5 nya duong….:)

    thx ya…

  5. yesalover said,

    Wah yg itu ga ada e, neh, saya tambah link baru laennnya..susah jhe carinya ^_^

  6. jerry10 said,

    koq dah didownload, ga ada gambar sama suaranya yah?
    bisa dibantu bos?

  7. yesalover said,

    lagi error kle koneksinya boss, ato bandwidth lage penuh. Lha saya dah pernah coba, dan bisa tuh..walau ga semua sehhh

  8. dhie said,

    thank u lah…
    tambahan link nya
    btw yg mosaic link-nya jgn sampe ilang ya bos..
    soale blm semua di donlot baru part 1- 3 doang…
    berat pisan euy…


  9. dhie said,

    usul nih,,,
    hosting nya knp pake rapid bkn pake file cargo aja…
    rada simple gituh…

  10. "Rebecca said,


    pancen edan tenan……………ckckckc

  11. ashr said,

    cih,, postingan tak baik ini kutengok..
    merusak generasi muda saja kau Jen… [huahahahahaha… =P]

    untungnya gw dah terbebas dari yg kaya gini..

    gpp sih,, asal link-nya jgn diklik aja..
    ato kalo diklik juga asal jangan diliat aja pas selesai didonlod…
    huahahaha =P

  12. sephjo said,

    can you upload parts 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10 of free miyabi movies at megaupload… got inactive link… please…. tenks…

  13. Barney said,

    Maria Ozawa has done her first music video for some Japanese rap group DS455. She looks hot in it.

  14. eagenly said,

  15. OIR said,

    Woow……. tu` movies miyabi yang lainnya….a da ngak….trus kenapa down load kok bisa lama gitu ya…. apa ngak ada cara lainnya…. yach.

  16. shincan said,

    hoiii..thanks for miyabi’s collection..
    mohon bantuan temen2x…
    miyabi yang hyper limites mozaic part 4 kok gak bisa di download sih..

    tertulis : page not found..

    ya…gak bisa dong…

  17. Larcik-kw said,

  18. billy said,

    i love miyabi

  19. hadi ismanto said,

    miyabi top bgt,aq punya 3gp, cmn 3 menit,gak puas banget
    boleh dong dikirimin–

  20. mukiyo said,


  21. Bang Joni said,


  22. Bang Joni said,

    tapi cara downloadnya bagaimana?

  23. sayapbarat said,

    Bagus… punya “koleksi” yang selain jepan2an gak? di dini perempuan terkesan seperti objek dan harus terkesan sakit atau terlihat menderita dan senang menderita saat melakukannya..

  24. yohanes said,

    buat saya, ini yang jelas adalah obat bius. kepuasan sementara. merusak diri sendiri. hanya sebagai pelarian karena tidak bisa mencapai yang sebenarnya.

    saya juga dulu suka (banget malah :p) tapi hati nurani tidak bisa dibohongi. dulu juga saya tidak bisa lepas sampai pribadi yang anda sebut b*ngsat itu yang menolong saya. nafsu jelas tidak membawa hal yang baik bagi orang lain kan? karena fokus nafsu itu hanya diri sendiri. benar?

  25. yesalover said,

    @ yohanes
    Saya setuju jika nafsu duniawi seperti bokep adalah bentuk kepuasan sementara. Tapi tidak benar jika Anda katakan bokep hanya sebagai pelarian. Pemenuhan hasrat-hasrat duniawi tentu saja tidak beda dengan pemenuhan hasrat rohani. Kalau Anda mengatakan ini sebagai pelarian, berarti begitu juga dengan Yesus yang Anda banggakan. Manifestasi Yesus dalam diri Anda adalah wujud ketidakberdayaan Anda akan harapan yang beyond expectation. Yesus bagi saya adalah suatu entitas yang secara substansial hanya berisi harapan-harapan. Dan Yesus dapat menolong orang-orang seperti Anda karena Anda tidak mampu mencari suatu pegangan lain yang kepadanya semua harapan-harapan Anda berada. Ketidakmampuan Anda ini disebabkan oleh keyakinan. Anda merasa tidak yakin jika harapan-harapan itu dapat berada pada entitas lain selain Yesus. Anda belum mencapai tahap di mana Anda akan menyadari bahwa harapan-harapan yang dibutuhkan manusia sebenarnya tidak hanya dapat dijumpai pada Yesus.

  26. a said,


  27. Jack said,

    Thanks for the LINKS!!!🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

    SOO Happy!!

  28. DHANNY said,

    aku punya edisi maria ozawa komplittttttttttttttttttttttt

    yang berminat hubungi akuuuuuuuuuu yaaaaaaaaaaaaa


    oke cut keke

  29. john said,


    kk ada yang punya film bokepnya miyabi kga……..???

    semua judul :
    • New Face – Number One Style
    • Beautiful Sex
    • Temptation Erotic Fuck
    • Barely There Mosaic
    • Sex on the Beach – Southern Island Sex!
    • 6 Costume Sex!
    • Lewd Flesh
    • Let’s Do It At School
    • W Barely There Mosaic
    • Endless Bang 5
    • Hyper – Barely There Mosaic
    • Barely There Mosaic – 6 Performances
    • The Main Purpose of Special Delusional Bathhouse
    • S1 Dream Collection – Super S-class Idols 4 Hours!
    • Promiscuous Bang 16
    • Share a 24 Hours Full of Sex with Maria!
    • Obscene Nymphomaniac 5
    • Maria Ozawa Collection 1
    • Hyper X – Barely There Mosaic
    • Aerial Bang on Civil Aviation
    • S1 Dream Collection – 2nd Anniversary Commemoration Special Ver. – Super S Class Idols 8 Hours!


    minta dunk kk……….hehehehe……..^^v

    thx before………

  30. asd said,

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